Fundamentals of Electric Drives by GK Dubey

Fundamentals of Electric Drives by GK Dubey is encouraged by the response to the primary edition and to stay pace with recent developments, Fundamentals of Electrical Drives, Second Edition incorporates bigger details on semi-conductor controlled drives, includes coverage of static magnet AC motor drives and switched reluctance motor drives, and highlights new trends in drive technology.

Author(s): GK Dubey

Publisher: Narosa Publishing House

Chapters: This book contains 12 chapters. The chapter headings are given below:

  1. Electrical Drives : An introduction
  2. Dynamics of Electrical Drives
  3. Control of Electrical Drives
  4. Selection of Motor Power Rating
  5. dc Motor Drives
  6. Induction of Motor Drives
  7. Synchronous Motor and Brushless dc Motor Drives
  8. Stepper Motor and Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
  9. Solar and Battery Powered Drives
  10. Traction Drives
  11. Energy Conservation in Electrical Drives
  12. Electrical Drives Systems and Components


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