Switchgear and Protection by Sunil S Rao

Author (s): 

Sunil S Rao


Khanna Publishers

About this book:

Chapters: This book contains 66 chapter. The chapter headings are given below

  1. Introduction
  2. High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers
  3. Fundamentals of Fault Clearing, Switching Phenomena and Circuit Breaker Rating
  4. The Arc Extinction
  5. Air-Break Circuit Breaker
  6. Air Blast Circuit Breaker
  7. Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) Circuit Breaker and SF6 Insulated Metalclad Switchgear (GIS)
  8. Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker and Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker
  9. Vacuum Interrupter and Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  10. Testing of High Voltage AC Circuit Breaker
  11. Short Circuit Testing of Circuit Breakers
  12. Insulation Requirement and High Voltage Testing of Circuit Breakers
  13. Installation and Maintenance
  14. HRC Fuses and Their Applications
  15. Metal Enclosed Switchgear, Controlgear and Contactor
  16. Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear with SF6 CB and VCB
  17. Low Voltage Controlgear and Switchgear
  18. HVDC Circuit Breaker and Metallic Return Transfer Breaker (MRTB)
  19. Electrical Substations, Equipment and Bus-bar Layouts
  20. Transient Overvoltage Surges, Surge Arresters and Insulation co-ordination
  21. Neutral Grounding (Neutral Earthing)
  22. Substation Earthing System and Equipment Earthing
  23. Introduction to Fault Calculations
  24. Symmetrical Faults and Current Limiting Reactors
  25. Symmetrical Components
  26. Unsymmetrical Faults on an Unloaded Generator
  27. Faults on Power Systems
  28. Use of AC Network Analyzer and Digital Computer in Fault Calculation
  29. Introduction to Protective Relaying
  30. Electromagnetic Relays
  31. Overcurrent Protection and Earth Fault Protection
  32. Differential Protection
  33. Distance Protection
  34. Protection of Transmission Lines
  35. Protection of Induction Motors
  36. Protection of Transformers
  37. Protection of Generators
  38. Station Bus-Zone Protection
  39. Current Transformers and Their Applications
  40. Voltage Transformers and Their Applications
  41. Testing and Maintenance of Protective Relays
  42. Introduction to Static and Microprocessor Based Integrated Programmable Protection, Monitoring and Control Systems
  43. Introduction to Analogue and Digital Static Relays
  44. Comparators and Level Detectors
  45. Static Over Current Relays
  46. Static Differential Protection of Power Transformers
  47. Static Distance Relays and Distance Protection of EHV Lines
  48. Important Assorted Topics and Static Protection Schemes
  49. Digital Relays, Microprocessor Based Relays, Faut Recorders and Fault Locators
  50. Modern Protection System
  51. Microprocessor Based Substation Protection Control and Monitoring
  52. Power System Stability, Auto-Reclosing Scheme, Methods of Analysis and Improvement of Transient Stability
  53. Load Frequency Control, Load Shedding and Static Frequency Relay
  54. Voltage Control and Compensation of Reactive Power
  55. Voltage Stability of Electrical Network
  56.  Automatic Voltage Regulators, Voltage Control and Stability of Synchronous Generators
  57. Digital Computer Aided Protection and Automation
  58. Economic Operation of Power System and Automatic Economic Load Dispatch
  59. HVDC Transmission Systems
  60. EMV – AC Transmission Systems and Static VAR Sources
  61. Interconnected Power Systems
  62. Operation and Control of Interconnected Power Systems, AGC and SCADA
  63. Power System Planning
  64. Improving Dynamic Stability by Flexible AC Transmission System (FACT) and FVDC Systems
  65. Computer Aided Power System Studies
  66. Power System Reliability Studies


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