Some Blogs and Sites For New Startups

Well, I have come to know that its very hard to get introduced your new startups to the online community unless you make posts on high authority blogs or website. And to get place on those blogs and site your startups must be unique. Anyways I am sharing a list of blogs and site where you guys can send press release of your new startups.

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Mashable
  3. VentureBeat
  4. TechFact
  5. ReadWrite
  6. ArsTechnica
  7. Tech – Business Insider
  8. GigaOm
  9. The Verge
  10. AllThingsD
  11. Tech – TIME
  12. LifeHacker
  13. Slashdot
  14. Boing Boing
  15. Techdirt
  16. Technologizer



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