Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Philip J. Pritchard

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Philip J. Pritchard
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Philip J. Pritchard

Author (s): Philip J. Pritchard

Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

About this book:

This text was written for an introductory course in fluid mechanics. Our approach to the subject, as in all previous editions, emphasizes the physical concepts of fluid mechanics and methods of analysis that begin from basic principles. The primary objective of this text is to help users develop an orderly approach to problem solving. Thus we always start from governing equations, state assumptions clearly, and try to relate mathematical results to corresponding physical behavior. We continue to emphasize the use of control volumes to maintain a practical problem-solving approach that is also theoretically inclusive.

Chapters: This book contains 13 chapter. The chapter headings are given below

  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamental concepts
  3. Fuild statics
  4. Basic equations in intregral form for a control volume
  5. Introduction to differential analysis of fluid motion
  6. Incompressible inviscid flow
  7. Dimensional analysis and similitude
  8. Internal incompressible Viscous flow
  9. External incompressible viscous flow
  10. Fluid Machinery
  11. Flow in open channels
  12. Introduction to compressible flow
  13. Compressible flow


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