Fluid Power with Applications, 4th edition by Anthony Espisito

Fluid Power with Applications, 4th edition by Anthony Espisito

Autors: Anthony Espisito

Publishers: Prentice Hall

About this Book:

The primary purpose of the fourth edition of Fluid Power with applications remains the same as that of the previous editions: to provide the student with a sound, basic background in the vast field of fluid power. As such, this book covers those subjects essential to understanding the design, analysis, operation and maintenance of fluid power systems. Similarly, it is written for engineering technologists, engineering technicians and apprentices of industrial training programs.


  1. Introduction to Fluid Power
  2. Properties of Hydraulic Fluids
  3. Energy and Power in Hydraulic Systems
  4. The Distribution System
  5. Basics of Hydraulic Flow in Pipes
  6. The source of Hydraulic Power: Pumps
  7. Fluid Power Actuators
  8. Control Components in Hydraulic Systems
  9. Hydraulic Circuit Designs and Analysis
  10. Pneumatics: Air Preparation and Components
  11. Pneumatics: Circuit and Applications
  12. Fluid Logic Control Systems
  13. Electrical Controls for Fluid Power Circuits
  14. Fluid Power Maintenance and Safety

Download Links (Full Book):

HTTP Download (PDF)


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