Digital Logic and Computer Design 4th Edition by Morris Mano

DLD_Morris Mano

Authors: M. Morris Mono

Publishers: Prentice Hall

About this Book:

An Elementary introduction to digital computer design, this book, in its fourth edition, has been revised and updated to reflect the changes and improvements in computer including topics such as RISC architecture. The first part discusses digital techniques necessary to design digital circuits and small digital systems. The second part of the text which is completely rewritten, is concerned with the logical organization and architecture of computers. This revised edition of the widely followed introductory digital design text covers both the theory and practical applications of the design of digital electronic circuits and provides methods and procedures suitable for a variety of digital design applications.


  1. Binary System
  2. Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
  3. Simplification of Boolean Functions
  4. Combinational Logic
  5. Combinational Logic with MSI and LSI
  6. Sequential Logic
  7. Registers, Counters and The Memory Unit
  8. Register Transfer Logic
  9. Processor Logic Design
  10. Control Logic Design
  11. Computer Design
  12. Microcomputer System Design
  13. Digital Integrated Circuits

Download Links (Full Book):

  1. HTTP Download (PDF)
  2. HTTP Download (RAR)

Download Links (Solution):

  1. Mirror 1 – PDF
  2. Mirror 2 – RAR
  3. Mirror 3 – PDF

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