Make money using URL Shortener

URL shortener is a very useful tool for webmasters which is used to make short URLs. Beside webmasters ordinary users are also showing interest of using short URLs because it reduces the size of Uniform Resources Locators (URLs) and the URLs looks neat & clean. As a huge group of people has started using URL shortening service so the businessman made up their mind to promote their product or offers through URL shortening service, and they did so. Now almost all the URL shortening networks has turned into an Ad network with URL shortener. Most of the URL shortening network offers their user non-incentive ads means user can skip viewing ads or fill up survey. User can also not use any ads with the short URLs. Now I am going to describe step by step on how can we make money using URL shortening service.

At first we have to choose a preferable URL shortening network. I am choosing for myself. has two types of Adverts – Top Banner and Interstitial. Among these two I am using Top Banner Adverts whose rate is lower than Interstitials. You can choose whatever you like.

Snap 01

Snap 02

Now you just have to spread the shortened link on internet and you will get paid for every view of those shortened links. I think this method of money making is very easy to all of you. Any query regarding making money from can be posted through comments.